Thursday Thoughts: crazyhorse

Thursday Thoughts: crazyhorse

When the week is nearing its close, that means it’s time for my latest blog feature – THURSDAY THOUGHTS!  These blogs are especially designed for those of my followers who also happen to be writers or readers who appreciate the joy of words and supporting independent authors.


Today, I want to introduce you to a great site to read some award-winning short stories, poems, reviews and essays, as well as interesting articles about authors and the art of writing. The best part of all is that this site also welcomes original literary work from both published writers and aspiring writers through its annual contest series.


If you haven’t crossed its path yet, let me introduce you to… crazyhorse.







I discovered crazyhorse at the time that I released my first book THE MUSE UNLOCKED back in 2013. It is a semi-annual publication coordinated through The College of Charleston and it holds various writing contests throughout the year.


If you are a writer and seeking opportunities to potentially have your writing recognized or published, you may want to check out their last issue currently online (Fall 2018). It features their most recent winners in fiction, non-fiction and poetry.


The literary journal started back in 1960 and has featured contributions from Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award recipients. Other universities have been at the editorial helm from Murray State to the University of Arkansas. Finally, in 2001, the College of Charleston became its literary leadership hub where it has remained ever since.  The publication holds contests in both January and July — in January, for fiction, poetry and nonfiction, and in July, for Crazyshorts!, its annual short story fiction contest.


I appreciate the variety of writing I find on the journal’s website and sure, I’ve tossed my hat in the ring a few times but no medals yet. I encourage my fellow writers out there to stop by the site and look into their annual contests. In fact, if you have any current works to submit, their latest contest ends January 31. Click here for information about how to participate.


I hope you’ll hop onto crazyhorse, at least for a browse through the current featured content, and if you do apply for one of their contests, good luck. As always, thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.



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