Thursday Thoughts: Half the Way

Thursday Thoughts: Half the Way

emember that great Crystal Gayle song, “Half the Way”?  See whenever I read or hear a phrase that’s a song title or lyric, I immediately start singing the tune. That’s just me. Yeah, weird, I know. Some people love that about me. Other people have probably unfollowed me because of that trait. But there is a significance behind today’s #thursdaythoughts blog title (being posted on Friday, yeah, late, sorry about that). Do you know what day it is? Besides Friday, that is?



It is Thursday, July 11 or Day 192 of 2019. Middle of last week officially marked the mid-point of the year. We’re now more than halfway through — can you believe it? I meant to blog about this very important milestone at the time but this past month has been a bit of a rollercoaster but that’s for another blog some other time. But hey, better late than never to celebrate reaching the oooey goooey center of the year! And since I’m already a tad behind in posting my Thursday thoughts, I figured I would share some thoughts about that subject today in this blog. My goals for this year included continuing my #dailypics creative project which I’ve been doing for the last few years now. I think this is my third year of posting a daily pic every day with some kind of theme. This year has been #artinspired, so every caption for the photo represents a title of a piece of art whether it’s a song, which is typically the case, or a movie, book, TV show or artwork.


Another one of my goals this year has been to blog daily, and I’ve managed to do that even though admittedly sometimes I’m a bit late but I have managed to post a blog for every date and some days, more than one! One of the ways I helped myself to do that was to build in some regularly scheduled blogs like #MovieMondays and #ThursdayThoughts (even though this one is technically posting on Friday. Shhh…don’t tell.)  I also found ways to find creative topics for some of the other days like #RiddleMeThis which offers observations about things that don’t make sense to me, #WiseWords which takes thoughtful quotes from other minds and embraces them for the day, and #twitterverse where I pull thoughts, micropoetry, observations, etc. from recent tweets, enabling them to reach other friends on the Facebook platform as well as blog followers.


There are personal projects that I had assigned myself that I have not been as successful during the first half of the year like resuming work on a sequel to THE MUSE UNLOCKED, and that makes me sad. But I won’t make excuses. A writer has to be completely invested when he or she writes a book, and this hasn’t been a year where I’ve had an excess of time or energy hat I could invest in that venture. I also had hoped to use the amenities in my community more like the clubhouse pool and fitness room to try to address some of my own joint pain issues and other ailments, but that hasn’t happened either. Again, I won’t make excuses but instead remind myself there is still half a year left…


How about you and your first half of 2019? When you think about that stretch of time, where did you go right? What are some victories that you can celebrate about goals you’ve managed to either achieve or make a lot of progress within the first half of the year? And where did you go wrong? Where did you find excuses for things to not go as planned or goals to go untouched?


There’s no point in beating ourselves up about what we haven’t gotten done, and I’m all about celebrating victories big or small because they are what keep us going in a forward direction and feeling optimistic. So celebrate those victories whatever their size but keep in mind those original goals that remain. Are they still important to you? Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. Or maybe they are important but something else has now moved into the lineup and higher up the order in rank of importance. All of us still have another half a year to tackle whatever it is we want to tackle whether it’s for work, our own personal growth or benefit, or just because we damn well want to complete it. What does that list look like for you? I know I plan on continuing to do my daily photos and blogs but I do hope that I can touch those other goals that I had not gotten a chance to address so far. And I do have some other goals to add to my list for the remainder of the year, goals that I may share here in a future blog but for now I’ll keep them to myself.


Good luck to you and your ACT II for 2019. Have fun celebrating your achievements so far. As always, thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.










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