Thursday Thoughts: Language Is a Virus ~ Writing Prompts, Games and Exercises

Thursday Thoughts: Language Is a Virus ~ Writing Prompts, Games and Exercises

Thursday is here and with it, another suggestion for a great site to visit, particularly if you’re interested in the beauty of words — whether you love to write, read or both! It’s another one of my THURSDAY THOUGHTS, and this week, I blog about a site that even some of my most savvy writer friends may not know.


Today’s spotlighted resource is particularly helpful to writers who have lost their way to prose. I can relate to this personally. We are not so much as creatively blocked as we are not enthused presently about words — disinterested. This is a site that may help spark that interest again.


I introduce you to… Language Is a Virus!







I discovered the website recently as I was searching for helpful resources for myself to give me that literary kick in the pants to start freestyle writing again. Even if it’s only in my journal, it is a start. This website offered me a plethora of writing prompts, fun and interesting exercises and cool writing games. (Speaking of games, wait until you see what I’m going to be blogging about in one of my next few Thursday blogs — it’s soooooooo cool. But I’m jumping ahead of myself. You’ll just have to wait for that THURSDAY THOUGHTS blog still to come…)



As for this website, it states its mission smack dab on the home page: to cure writer’s block and inspire creativity. (No pressure.)  I joke but seriously any resource that can help a writer pull themselves out of a quiet place, and no, I don’t mean that scary world where John Krasinski, Emily Blunt and family have to be vewy vewy kwiet…shhh…any site that can help me do that, it deserves my applause and willingness to pimp it to others.



It is true that for writers, sometimes you try to turn on the water, and nada. Not a drop. Most times, you don’t even care about turning the faucet in the first place. It is a sixth sense. You already know there is no flow so why bother? Sites like this one and others don’t dwell on the when and the why — they just try to encourage writers hibernating in their dark caves to come on out and play again. I like that and I appreciate it — greatly.



I encourage you to pop out to this website right now — well, preferably after you finish reading this blog. Let a word prompt inspire you to get creative. Try one of the exercises and test your vocabulary range. And you must head out to the word games. I love Visual Poetry, which allows the person to build word mosaics. And just wouldn’t it be lovely if whatever you wrote could be translated into an intriguing picture?  Hmm…



Go on. Venture out to Language Is a Virus. Tell me about your visit and share what you thought of the site. And as always, thanks for reading! ~ Chris K.






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