Thursday Thoughts ~ Let the Music Play

Thursday Thoughts ~ Let the Music Play

Since I am embarking on Wanderlust 2019, this week’s #ThursdayThoughts blog will be a little briefer than usual. I was just telling my good friend traveling with me that I recently tried a little experiment that other musical fans may want to try, so consider today’s column a fun homework assignment. Since this weekly column is all about creativity, this will test your willingness to go with the flow creatively.


Go to and pick a song based on the song itself or the artist you really like, then as you work, let YouTube use its ‘autoplay’ function. You can’t skip any songs or type in a different song or artist. Pick a set period of time like 30 minutes or an hour and see where the YouTube algorithm takes you musically based on your original song and artist. It can be intriguing to see where your musical ear goes. You might start with Joe Cocker and end up with John Denver. You just never know. But be willing to follow the musical journey and note your start and end points.


Where did you go musically? Share your start and end songs or artists and how long it took to get to that particular finish line in the comments, if you like. I’d love to hear from you. Enjoy where the musical trek takes you. Much like life, it can be a valuable lesson to not pre-judge and let the music wash over you, because you never know: it may ultimately take you to one of your favorites or you may discover a new favorite along the way. As you go on your journey, I’ll continue with mine here in Charleston. As always, thanks for reading.  ~ Chris K.





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