Thursday Thoughts: Make It Work

Thursday Thoughts: Make It Work

Today’s column will be a little shorter than usual. The week has been a hectic one with more of the same expected to come, thanks to a not so little hurricane brewing in the Atlantic named Dorian. But this past week has taught me that sometimes we spend so much time conjuring up what might happen, what could be, that we forget to focus on what already is.


I always try to have a plan for anything but as I get older, I realize we can’t plan for everything, and we shouldn’t try to anyway. This summer has thrown a lot of curve balls my family’s way and if we weren’t good at adapting before, well, I can promise you we’re a hell of a lot better at it now.



When I was younger I was convinced that if you didn’t have the right materials, the art project couldn’t be built. But NOW — I subscribe to the ‘search the house for alternatives and make it work’ approach to just about anything that comes up. We are given what we are given, and sometimes that is all we have to work with.



We can have so many things hurled our way but it is the unexpected nature of things that throws off so many of us — as if we could plan for pain or illness, disappointment or loss. Those unexpected battles, hits and misses can throw us off course because we weren’t prepared for their arrival, and how could we anyway?  What we can do is keep our eyes open, but not just open to catch the next missile pointed our way but for opportunities to celebrate, too. It’s time to reach high for any victory that crosses our path today and embrace it, big or small. It may be just the rejuvenation we need to add a little air in our step to keep walking.



As you step out of the house today or any day for that matter, remind yourself of that. Make that your mantra, ‘I can make this work with what I’ve got.’  Nothing is completely unmanageable if we make the best use of all of the resources we’ve accumulated over time — physical, emotional and intellectual. Use them. Build something with that can of Playdoh before you. You’ll make it work, too. As always, thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.












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