Thursday Thoughts: New Year of Creativity

Thursday Thoughts: New Year of Creativity

Every year, I pick one or two art projects to do throughout the year as part of an ongoing creative path that I’ve chosen to take in my life for fun, and not so much for business reasons. I just like creating things and I guess there’s an inner artist in me that needs somewhere to express that creativity. Since I haven’t been writing a whole lot lately beyond my blogs, I find other ways through one or two projects I take on each year. These have become my unique creative outlet and others tell me they enjoy these projects, so it pleases me to know that my work might put a smile on someone’s face.


This year, I continued one art project that I’ve been doing now for several years, my #dailypics photo challenge where I must post one photo each day to represent some aspect of my day. Sometimes photos just happen like kismet, other times I might set one up because I am inspired by another artistic work but each day’s photo is based on a song title, movie, book, TV show or traditional work of visual art. Most of the time, because I’m driven by music, they represent song titles. Within each #dailypic are hashtags of the song lyrics or information related to the work of art selected.  I also had another artistic goal in 2019 and so far I’ve managed to keep up with it: posting something on my blog every single day of the year. Sometimes they are observations that were originally posted on Twitter (From the Twitterverse), goofy questions I might pose (Riddle Me This), famous quotes to inspire (Wise Words), and then other times, I actually write something and these special blogs focus on a theme (Thursday Thoughts) or weekly film reviews and ratings (Movie Mondays).


In past years, I’ve done other creative challenges like Five to Try, trying five new things in a month; Paragraph a Day, where I built a short story one paragraph at a time until I deemed it done; and others. But I like to put it out there each year to readers for any of their ideas and suggestions worth considering. I have an open mind so lay it on me — what creative project would you like to see me try for 2019, something maybe on a weekly basis for a monthly basis rather than daily. I haven’t decided if I will be continuing my two daily art projects for 2019 (#dailypics and daily blogging) because to be completely honest, they can be both tough and draining sometimes, and I never want these creative challenges to stop being fun or feel obligatory.


So do share! I welcome your ideas, and if you are an artist such as a photographer, writer or painter, and you might be suggesting a creative project you have done yourself, tell me a little bit about how it went for you. Just leave me a comment here on the blog or on the social media post where you first saw this link to this blog on Facebook or Twitter. I love hearing from you. In a few weeks, I will share with you what I have chosen to embark on in 2020 and you will be invited to join me on the creative adventure. As always, thanks for reading. ~ Chris K






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