Thursday Thoughts: Power of the Prompt

Thursday Thoughts: Power of the Prompt

This week, I wanted to try something different. Rather than me go on and on about some topic related to creativity, I want to solicit you about a topic. If you are a writer, I hope your antennae just poked out of your head to listen up, because I’m talking to you mostly, whether you write for your own pleasure or publish your words in print or electronically for others to enjoy or gasp — want to purchase them! Hip hip hooray…


Creative Prompts.

They are a wonderful source of igniting the imagination, especially if you’ve been suffering from a writer’s drought, block, desert — whatever term you’re comfortable with — but sometimes the toughest thing about these prompts is (A) where to find them and (B) how to keep them going. It can be a lot of work running literary prompts. A few of my writer friends have headed up these beasts before and not only does it require that person to keep the inspiring word/concept/visual provided rotating and interesting to a wide range of personalities across a multitude of interests but it also means finding a means to celebrate, recognize or funnel the responses to the prompts so that others can enjoy the results, too. Both tasks are far from easy to undertake and oversee.


So I humbly take off my hat to anyone who manages to run a Word/Phrase/Image prompt to spark writers’ imaginations. You’re a braver man than me, Gunga Din. (sorry, I couldn’t resist… I love that movie and Cary Grant far too much to hold back!)


Writers — lay it on me, lay it on ALL of us.

What are some of your favorite sources for word prompts, photo/image/art prompts or phrase/concept/story prompts?


Whether it is to inspire the writing of  micropoetry, haiku, short stories or story synopses, I’d love to hear about these sites, Twitter handles, Facebook pages, Pinterest/Instagram peeps, whoever and wherever they are. You can comment below or email me at with the subject PROMPTS.


I will be returning to the subject of the Powerful Prompt in a future blog and will include some of the suggestions writers share with me. I hope you’ll be in touch. Look forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you in advance.


Oh, and do pass along this blog link to other writer friends of yours. As always, thanks for reading (and I hope, contributing!) ~ Chris K.





Source of Graphic of “Rime Of the Ancient Mariner,”Unknown

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