Time and The Complexity of Choice

Time and The Complexity of Choice

Many of us complain that we don’t have enough time to do all of those things in our day that must be done. But that lack of time means no need for decision-making, doesn’t it? I mean, if you only have eight hours ahead of you and eight hours of work to do, then I guess we know how you’ll be spending it. It’s not like there are any complicated choices to make, prioritizing and assessing what is most significant to you at the end of the day.


But what about those times when you somehow managed to get a day to yourself, those unexpected blocks of free time that arise? Have you found yourself wondering where all of that free time went once the day nears its end and you look back on a day spent mostly checking your phone or binge-watching something on Netflix? You spend the rest of the evening flogging yourself for getting absolutely nothing accomplished.




We moan that we don’t have enough time but are we really prepared to choose thoughtfully how best to use our free time if we should be so lucky and it landed on our lap?



Do most of us even remember how to prioritize our time anymore or has easy access to information and distraction washed away any knowledge of this, as we scroll the pages of everybody we’ve ever met, gone to school with, worked for or dated who is now our friend on fill-in-the-blank social media app?



I have a day off today. A real day off. A doctor’s appointment and lunch date once on my schedule disappeared and opened the day completely to me and though I would have enjoyed seeing my friend, I feel peaceful, because I have gotten this chance to move at a less reckless pace and one determined with care and forethought. I am thankful because I hold in my hand the power to decide the rest of my hours today. And I continue to be amazed at how long the checklist of finished tasks grows as items I’ve been putting off for months fly off the ‘to do’ list. And it’s all because I’m staying focused and most importantly, I – PUT THE PHONE DOWN.



Four simple words that can make the difference in a day fulfilled versus frittered away. May you enjoy the rest of your day living in the present and chatting with the people right there in front of you, in the flesh, in the room, and yes, do take the time to put the phone down, too. You will be amazed at just how alright that is to do – yes, it really is allowed, you won’t keel over if you’re not in the know about that text this very moment and get this — those messages, tweets and Instagram photos will be there later for you to enjoy. (It’s true…really!) As always, thanks for reading.  ~  Chris K.

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