Time for a Book Blogger Holiday Tour for THE MUSE UNLOCKED!

Time for a Book Blogger Holiday Tour for THE MUSE UNLOCKED!

There’s good news to report and then there’s really fun news to report, and this latest announcement falls into that latter category!

I’m excited to share that starting tomorrow I will be launching my first ever book blogger tour for THE MUSE UNLOCKED to run through the end of the year. Just in time for the holidays…and anyone who’s read my book knows that this story of Cate Mullen and the cast of characters who make up her latest movie Madly begins one Labor Day weekend and finishes just after Christmas. So the timing of the tour couldn’t be better. It’s so perfect that I’ve even invited Cate and Oliver to hop on his Harley and take this Book Blogger Holiday Tour with me. Love it!

At the various sites we’ll be visiting, I will take part in a number of fun activities including interviews,  book giveaways and big reveals of some new content related to the book that will be hosted exclusively for a limited time by that fabulous blog – whether it’s a new poem inspired by the book, a special bonus feature and my personal favorite, never before read scenes from THE MUSE UNLOCKED, spoiler-free, of course. They will be a special gift for those who have already read the book and I hope an enticing tease for someone to pick up the novel for their own little special stocking delight.

Oh, and I said I would be taking part in these activities, but something tells me that Cate and Oliver, chatty Cathies that they are, are likely to jump into some of these conversations, too.

So where are we going to be in November and December? Good question. Some of the schedule is still being ironed out, but I can share a few of my upcoming stops and these begin tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 8!



November 8 —> Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog (I assure you, this is another ape named Chris…heh)

November 18-22 —> So the Story Goes (the delightful ladies there have agreed to highlight the book throughout the week, so many new gems coming their way!)

December 4 —>  Words Across the Oceans (I’ve got something up my sleeve for our good friend Deb that I think she and other Oliver fans will enjoy!)

December 6-17—> a special holiday promotion on GoodReads you won’t want to miss…courtesy of Jolly Old St. Oliver. Ahem. More on this soon!


There are a few other book bloggers who I am still chatting with about finalizing dates, so as soon as I have that info, I’ll pass it along.  Can’t wait to share these other awesome sites I’ll be visiting! And each stop will offer something different for readers of the book as well as some fun, interesting new pieces to unlock the story behind the story for those who want to know a little bit more before they pick up their own copy.

And I welcome other book bloggers who may wish to have us stop by for a visit this month or next. Just reach out to info@chriskuhnauthor.com and let us know what you have in mind!

I can’t wait to chat with everybody and share some goodies with each site’s visitors and those who’ve already read the book. More details to come as I have them!


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