Tis the Season for Kindness

Tis the Season for Kindness

Recently, I spotted this very useful advent calendar on a fellow blogger’s site, and I thought it was too cool not to share. It’s so easy for many of us to forget what this time of year is all about — a time to reflect about the year nearly behind us;  an opportunity to gather with friends and family in person (or virtually) and remind each other of the special place they hold in our lives; and a moment to stop, take stock of what comprises our lives (physically, socially and emotionally) and figure out a way to pay it forward in some way — through service, time, attention or goods.


I’d always heard of Random Acts of Kindness. In fact, there’s a day to go with it. In February, I believe. But this was different. This was the Random Acts of Kindness CHRISTMAS edition. Hmm. Seems like an appropriate use of a really good idea at the ideal time, don’t you think? (My only complaint would be…hey, why not continue the good things through the rest of the month instead of stopping on Dec. 24? So feel free to write in your own suggestions for December 25-31. I personally think December 25 should be – no fights or bickering for the holiday. That one will be enough of a challenge for most American families!)


I am not a religious person. Never have been. But I do believe in the power of ‘paying it forward’ and the Law of Attraction — that a smile leads to another smile leads to another and another, and similarly, a good deed often compels the desire to perform one in return and subsequently another and another.


Why not get the ball rolling? We haven’t missed that many days on the calendar. It’s only the 8th of the month after all. I hereby suggest that you randomize your kindness freely.


Go forth and be nice. Please and thank you.  Thanks for reading. ~  Chris

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