To Feel, A Modern Tale (01.28.11)

A new chapter begins…but it’s not too late to catch up…enjoy! ~CK

CHAPTER ONE <Click here for all of CHAPTER ONE.>

CHAPTER TWO <Click here for all of CHAPTER TWO.>


Chloe walked slowly up the dusty road, stretching out each step to take as long as possible. Her mind raced at how she would explain this stranger who trailed behind her to her mother. She could hear him breathing more heavily the further along they walked. Sometimes the steep hill was too much for visitors. To her, it meant infrequent company and a sometimes lonely life but she had gotten used to her home, dull as the village may be, when a friendly older couple, whom she had since grown to consider her mother and father had taken her in those many years ago. Her father had recently passed away and she missed him for his good humor, for his compassion but especially for his trust. Just three years ago, he had come to Chloe and approached her about the truth behind her sudden appearance in CarthMoore. He was the only one who knew everything – besides Ecker, whose breaths could be heard now even more loudly than before. She spun around to confront Ecker.

“Are you going to be okay? Do you need us to stop for a moment so you can catch your breath,” she asked him, resting her hands on his waist and looking at him with what appeared to be a thin layer of disgust or so Ecker thought. Okay, so I’m a little out of shape, he admitted to himself. But she doesn’t have to look at me so judgmentally, he thought. “I’ll be alright,” he said. “Let’s just stop here so I can fix my shoe. I think I have a stone trapped in it.” She rolled her eyes and walked back to join him at a grouping of large, sandy white rocks.

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