To Prove

To Prove

November launched the beginning of a fun two-month holiday book blogger tour that took me as far as the UK, Australia and Canada — virtually, of course. The following poem debuted exclusively at one of those wonderful book blogs, So The Story Goes. This awesome dynamic duo was kind enough to extend an open door to THE MUSE UNLOCKED and its characters for three whole days. On the first day of my visit, I shared this original poem inspired by the book, from the perspective of its leading man and a rare glimpse into the heart and mind of Oliver Sand, recently cast in the leading role of successful author and screenwriter Cate Mullen’s latest work, Madly.

THE MUSE UNLOCKED is available in both print and e-book formats on

To hear an AudioBoo recording of this poem read by the author and hear the story behind its inspiration and its debut, go to



TO PROVE by chris kuhn
a poem inspired by THE MUSE UNLOCKED

It is so very easy to doubt
A pretty face rarely compels
There’s still a lot to prove
Though that face always sells.

But your words give me power
They awaken, stir me inside
And though I’ve yet to earn them
They yield truth, nowhere to hide.

How can I ever convince you
This is not a game or a ruse?
Everything I had locked away
Now has been opened by you.

Don’t be fooled by these masks
And what reeks of deception
It is simply a means to an end
To plot out a rousing reception.

But you have brought me forth
Reached inside and led me here
A place of truth I never imagined
And one that I no longer fear.

Please don’t let me return there
To become a canvas merely seen
Let me breathe life into your words
And prove that voice should be me.

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