Once again, I’m pleased to share an original poem inspired by the characters of my recently published debut novel THE MUSE UNLOCKED, available in both print and e-book formats on Amazon.com. Much like the character Cate Mullen experiences in the book, sometimes people walk into our lives when we least expect them with the power to leave a footprint on our heart that can change our life forever. What we elect to do once they arrive on the scene, can make all of the difference in embarking on a happy life and becoming all that we have the potential to be. What would you choose to do?


To hear an AudioBoo reading of this poem by the writer, go to https://audioboo.fm/boos/1566825-unexpected.




UNEXPECTED by chris kuhn



You pull me in

With a simple string

Of words that do entice.

Sensations emerge,

And I’m swept away

Caught up in a spell

You cast that leaves me

Enchanted, engaged,

And secretly soaked.




You stir inside me

Dormant feelings

That until now

Could only long

To reappear and yet

It almost feels as if

They were merely

Awaiting, anticipating

Your arrival all along.




You take my hand

And gently guide me.

Sensing apprehension,

And fear that halts,

You soothe my qualms

Melt away hesitation,

Reminding me how

Dazzling and wondrous

It feels to be alive.


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