This original poem represents another example where a book and its characters can inspire beyond their pages. The following  is based on the lives and interactions of Cate Mullen and Oliver Sand, the two lead characters in my debut novel THE MUSE UNLOCKED. Both find themselves at crossroads in their lives and harboring secrets as they live what often feels like a life of myth moreso than reality. It is only within the company of each other that truth can be unhidden and all that really lies beneath, shared.


THE MUSE UNLOCKED is available in both print and e-book formats on Amazon.com.


To hear an AudioBoo recording of this poem read by the author, go to https://audioboo.fm/boos/1636648-unlocked.




UNLOCKED by chris kuhn


To everyone else,

A different face,

A role to play,

Words I should say.

But not in here.

You quiet fear.

Here it is real,

Only to feel,

And I can be me.

But you’re the key.


Shrouded and dark,

Sinister way to live,

Tarry in age and myth,

Sacrifice life for wish.

But not with you.

You always knew.

Here it is mine,

All I can find

To finally see

When to open.


No one could know

Just reaching out,

Riddled in doubt,

Questions to spout.

But I was not alone.

Here you stood

And all is good,

For you saw me

Peeking through.


Shedding covers,

Lie in daylight,

Bare at first sight.

Nothing to hide,

And not for pity,

Said I was pretty.

Here I forgot

All that I brought.

You made me believe.

Come inside.


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