Welcome to My New Digs!

Welcome to My New Digs!

Okay, on the surface, you might think…welcome? I’ve been here before. You may not even realize it but you’re in a different  ZIP code. Sorta.

Yep, it’s official. My blog has…moved!

If you followed the link over here, you are actually visiting my new website!

Hope you like it…this is just phase 1. You’ll see plenty more content being rolled out to you once my book THE MUSE UNLOCKED is about to release, so stay tuned for that a little bit later this summer. Ahem. Can I hear you join me in a proper woot woot? (Thank you! That’s better…)

So… some administrative stuff.

I know I had several of you who had signed up for email blog updates after meeting me at Twitter, but that was through the old blog on KuhnStories.com and unfortunately, you will not be getting those updates again unless you sign up once more, this time on my blog’s new and final location…right here.

So to do that, just scroll to the bottom of the screen and you’ll see a blog update sign-up field for you to type in your email address. After you do so, you will get an email at your inbox verifying so just confirm there and bingo! That’s it. You’ll start getting blog updates.

And since I’m not sure how you found me originally – don’t forget that there’s plenty of conversation to be had about books, movies, music, TV…you name it. If it’s pop culture, there’s a pretty good bet I’m going to want to engage with you on the subject, so bring the topic and let’s gab.

You can click here to connect with me on Facebook…..

Click here to start chatting on Twitter

And I’m really excited about a new little plot of land I’m just starting to till over on Pinterest, so click here to follow some boards of mine there!

There’s too much fun to be had. In fact, I’m supposed to be starting my next book this month, but sometimes it’s hard to help myself…I want to spend the day chatting with you. Alas, the Rabbit Hole that is social media. I love it but yes, we all have to stop and do our work once in a while. Otherwise, well, heck,  I wouldn’t have a book to tell you about here on this site.

Roam around, put your feet up, grab a beverage out of the fridge (there is beer and wine but moderation please, thank you)…make yourself at home. All of the past blogs from earlier this year have been safely delivered over to this new site, so feel free to catch up a little on some past CHRIS’S CORNER guest blogs or other past entries, and look for more fun stuff coming your way very soon about the blog and the book. So stay tuned!

Happy reading,


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