Winds of Change

Winds of Change

Wherever did these huge gusts of wind come from that are blowing pages off the patio table and rustling the fur of my little Jax? I keep wondering if a house will come twirling about in the sky soon with a bitchy woman on a bike soaring closely behind. Something wicked this way comes. Or maybe this is just our lingering fall getting swept up and blown away by “Florida Winter.”


You see, last week, I was just commenting to the hubs how beautiful the leaves were on the trees in the conservation behind our house. A gorgeous array of gold, red and orange among the greenery. Sure,  winter had officially arrived on the calendar, but other than that one two-day period during which we had wintry temperatures, it has remained autumn here for the most part. And in just a week, the winds have whisked away all of those beautiful colors and brought winter’s usual dingy olive green and muted brown to the mix.


I love Fall. I love Spring, too. I’m not too crazy about those other two seasons – mostly, because here in Florida one of the seasons brings humidity, the threat of hurricanes and stifling heat, and the other brings far too many events and visitors to the area and unpredictable weather (do I wear long sleeves or short sleeves today?).  Today’s brisk weather feels like it is serving in the role to scoop aside what was here to make room for its own presence, some irony considering its Inauguration week. And as they are blowing in with huge force but no real direction or concern for what happens to everything in its wake, well, let’s just say the symbolism doesn’t escape me either.


For the first time in a few months, I feel satisfied about where I am with work, with home projects, with health steps.  I won’t be breaking out into song or dancing upon the backyard fence in Gene Kelly fashion anytime soon, but I feel like I have a grip on this life stuff. I can’t remember the last time I could say that with a straight face.


So huff and puff and try to blow this house down, but you won’t topple these walls. I’ve got this. For now. ~ Chris K.  xo

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