Winter’s Gift

Winter’s Gift

The following poem will be included in my upcoming literary anthology OUR SEASONS to be released later this fall. I’ll soon share details about this latest book, a collection of short stories and poetry to reflect all of our moods, shades, and seasons.



WINTER’S GIFT by chris kuhn


He left on this day,
We never saw it coming
My heart flew away
And tears are still running.


How could so much life
Beat in one small being?
Taught me to love
And sense beyond seeing.


Found one wintery day
Then fourteen summers after
Lost my best friend
And with him, my laughter.


A room I  cannot enter
For any length of time
Becomes a haunting place
That meddles with your mind.


A spot lit by sunshine
That birthed souls and stories
Has drowned in my sorrow
And dark allegories.


I crave peace and freedom
To mend this broken heart
To take a step inside
And launch a fresh new start.


Your memory reigns bright
As that first wintery day,
Your selfless love remains
Though I feel your loss today.



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