Words Deserving of the Red Carpet Treatment

How has your week been? Mine has been full of words – lots of them and coming at me and spewing from me at record speeds. Not that this is anything unusual as a freelance writer and frequent interviewer, but this week has been a whirlwind of conversation after conversation after conversation.  I  also happen to be working on a marketing project which has involved interacting with folks sharing some not-so-upbeat stories, which leaves me feeling like I’m wearing a jacket made of lead by the time the afternoon arrives.  I’m sure my persistent headache today has a little something to do with this challenging but emotionally heavy project. So the opportunity to do something fun with words is such a welcome change!

Did you get a chance to think of your own contenders for the prestigious and little known Wordy Awards, that long-standing Hollywood tradition that I just invented last week? One reader even suggested to me another cool category for recognition, which I’ve decided to include in my own special awards ceremony — “Most Fun to Pronounce.” If you’re still working on your own list, consider adding this other fun category to your vocabulary stars, too.

So put on your fancy ballgown or flashy tuxedo, don those rosy superstar specs and get ready for the star treatment. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado (I know, I know, too late)…

It’s the CKuhnTampaBay 2012 Wordy Awards! Starring these exciting dictionary all-stars…

  • People Magazine Sexiest Word Alive

    Sensuality — far sexier than its less alluring, cut-to-the-chase counterpart, “sexuality. When you hear the word “sensuality,” you’re not looking to strip down to your skivvies and dive right in. You’re willing to take your time and savor the moment. 


  • Best Homegrown Word (aka Generally Accepted But Not-Really-A-Word Award)

    Solopreneur — speaking as one myself, I love how the term conjures up images of the hard-working lone business owner churning out the work diligently, faithfully and energetically in her little self-contained enterprise known as the guest room, otherwise known as “Room with a View or Office with a Comfy Bed.” 


  • Most Fun to Pronounce/Say

    Titillating  — Who doesn’t like a word that’s made you giggle since you were 7? Still a hoot 30+ years later. I love it.


  • Up & Comer Award (Or Word I Will Use More in 2012)

    No — I’ve heard that in the male camp, this word is actually quite popular and frequently heard but here in OvaryLand, there appears to be a predisposition to accept all manners of jobs, tasks and obligations, including those we ladies are not able to allocate time to do or better yet, those we wouldn’t want to do, even if we did have magic beans to plant more hours in our day. I will experiment and try out this foreign word more this year. Maybe.


  • Nobel Peace Prize for Most Soothing Word

    Effervescent — simply hear the word and find yourself transported to the swirling rush of a bubbling waterfall, immersed into a sea of fizzy, sparkling asti spumante or refreshed a la Irish Spring. Aah.


  • Best Word in a Supporting Role

    Serendipity — sometimes,  life’s little surprises and unexpected joyful “accidents” are exactly what we need to keep us moving forward. While it’s prudent to have a plan, it’s just as important to be accepting and encouraging to discover and welcome what is out of your control. Only then can you fully embrace these new revelations for the good things they could bring if simply identified as opportunity and not disaster.



  • Silver Spoon Award – Most Scrumptious Word

    Voluptuous— whether it’s plump lips to kiss, big and glorious hair to twirl around the fingers or curves, curves and more curves, the vision is bountiful and desirable, and what’s yummier than that?    

  • MVP Award for Most Motivational Word

    Catapult — I like a word that takes you to new heights – figuratively and literally – and this one does it. You can’t use it if you expect to stay in the same humdrum place. If you choose to “catapult,” get ready to soar! 


  • Lifetime Achievement Award…Greatest Word EVER

    Juggernaut — tough,  powerful, enormous, forceful…the ultimate ball-buster. Anything which translated means “lord of the world,” well, that’s a tough sonofabitch in my book. Doesn’t every professional sports team take to the field on a mission to perform like a juggernaut? Sigh. May we all find our way to uncovering that all-powerful force within (aka the tough sonofabitch).


And the paparazzi may officially go wild in delight as they snap away at this chatty little group. But the live telecast can wait, because we need to hear your winners, too. Who makes the cut as your vanguard vixens of vocabulary?

Can’t wait to hear what you’ve come up with, so get those acceptance speeches ready and lay it on us!



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