Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (April 16, 2012)

Tax week. Oy. Most of us hate this week. Accountants will say they hate this time of year, how it’s just OH so busy and OH so hard to keep up with everything…but I think secretly they love every minute of it. Don’t let them fool you.

This week, there’s no going back. You simply report what came in and what went out the year before, and you may try to doctor these numbers a little, but you really shouldn’t, folks (don’t believe those articles about fewer audits expected because of leaner IRS staff support). I think the IRS has commissioned those articles clandestinely.

So in honor of this special time of year, I bring you this tax season edition of Kuhnspiration – and I use the word “special” facetiously here because in my world, there is nothing special about owing regularly and then learning at one particular time annually that you – go figure! – owe some more! Oh goody, oh cool, oh boy!

This week’s Kuhnspiration:

Look at your year so far, personally, professionally or both – where have you been giving/spending (that is, exerting your effort, energy, money and interest) and what are you getting / earning in return? Is it what you had in mind? Do you feel something’s missing or owed? Should you change your contribution level in some or all areas?

Take a few moments to look at your life this year from a completely different perspective, because it’s not even May, folks. There’s plenty of time to shape 2012 into the year you want it to be for you. So why not take this opportunity to tackle it now? It won’t pay to wait until Dec. 31.

I’ll check in with you later this week – after the actual federal tax docs should be outta there or at least the requests to file extensions – and we’ll look at the hard facts and P-L statements of our day-to-day existence and run the numbers.

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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