Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (April 2, 2012)

Welcome to April, everybody. Officially, that is, since last week’s Kuhnspiration rounded out the merry month of March. If you took part in that creative challenge, then you’ve already begun your spring cleaning — or at least contemplating it, which is always a healthy place to start.

I love April – and not because it’s my birth month or the IRS’s favorite time of year… I love April for its bold entrance. For many of us here in Florida, April begins showering us with bountiful new growth in our yards and gardens, brings us one step closer to finalizing those summer plans and often – though not always – delivers us the perfect excuse to eat solid milk chocolate in the form of a bunny, and what could be better than that?

Oh and then of course, there are the April showers themselves – literally – that start to wander more and more frequently into our calendar, sometimes thrwarting our weekend yard sales and tee times but thankfully turning our drab, brown lawns into lush, green masterpieces enticing us to romp around barefoot – if we dare.

In the spirit of this beautiful time of growth, renewal, cleansing and blooming, I ask you this:

What  “something new” will you explore during this lovely time of year – will you launch a new hobby, start a new healthy habit, build or create something? New, new, new! What beautiful new thing or experience will bloom in your life this spring?

Don’t be shy. Share your plans with us all. I would love to hear them, so paint us a picture, and don’t forget the pastels. I’ll be back with you later in the week to uncover my own springtime blossoms to come.

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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