Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (August 27, 2012)

What are you truly passionate about? I mean, something that will drive even the most timid or hesitant proclaimers to climb to the top of a soapbox and plead their case? A topic or cause that will compel you to lace up those sneakers and sprint right up to the top of the platform?

This week, a lot of folks are congregating in Tampa to step up onto their own stage at the Republican National Convention and plead their case to the American public. For some of us, it’s a moot endeavor – decision already made. But go on and spend your money in the Tampa Bay area — this I am totally alright with you doing. (So, stay away long enough, Isaac, so the community can get something back from all that they invested in welcoming these big spenders!)

In recognition of this week of long, tiresome speeches — and I speak from a completely non-partisan voice when I say this as I anticipate the same coming out of Charlotte the week after (I’ll just like what they’re saying more but it will still be a frenzy of windbags) — I give you this week’s Kuhnspiration challenge:

Step up onto the soapbox. You’ve got five minutes, the attention of the world  and just one subject you can tackle. Make your impassioned plea, folks.

I really hope that you’ll welcome this opportunity to put out your message to the world, hell, the whole universe. And I will take that reluctant but exciting step up onto the podium myself later in the week. Stay tuned.

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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