Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (December 26, 2012)

This is it.

My final Kuhnspiration challenge for you.



Soon, I will be taking this blog into a whole new direction, precisely where it needs to be for my next chapter (and many chapters, fingers crossed!)¬†and I really hope that you’ll stay with me along the way and maybe even suggest to any of your friends who are avid readers to follow along, too.

For now, however, there is still one more question to pose as the year 2012 prepares to close the curtain. So I ask you this appropriate year-ending question.


Looking back on 2012, what are you most proud of and what do you look forward to improving upon in the new year?

And I don’t want to hear that nothing went right, that Murphy’s Law was taking out your good intentions at every turn, that it was a complete shitstorm… trust me, if anyone had her moments of flying head-on into a turbulent jetstream of grade A, vine-ripe, exquisitely crafted crappola, I’m happy to compare notes. But something had to go right, even if maybe it didn’t always feel that way. So let’s celebrate that victory. Take pride in your achievement or achievements (let’s assume plural and shoot for the moon!) and use this moment as a really good opportunity to learn and improve where we need that, too.

I’ll be checking in with you this weekend with my own thoughts. And stay tuned for a sneak preview on New Year’s Eve of what you can expect in 2013 here at

As always thanks for reading. And cheers for finding that daily spark in your life!


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