Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (February 20, 2012)

The face. It says so much, doesn’t it? For that reason, this week’s Kuhnspiration is focused on it.

So okay, I’m a thief. Well, not really, because I am completely giving credit. I fully admit that I didn’t come up with the concept of this week’s creative challenge but was truly inspired by it when I came upon it yesterday while reading my Sunday Parade Magazine. I’ve always enjoyed the insight and observations of writer Connie Schultz and this week, she presented an interesting exercise that she tackled and shared with readers, and I thought it could be a fun one for all of us, too.

So to Connie, who writes regularly at her own online column (do check it out!) and of course, PARADE Magazine which featured her inspiring column this week, “My Story in Five Faces,” that led me to this blog post, I say “thank you” for inspiring this week’s creative challenge.

If you had to tell your own story through five images of your face over the course of your life, what photos would you choose and what part of the story do each of them tell?

Can’t wait to see your story unfold as told by all of your lovely faces…

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!



  1. Thanks, Kris Kuhn, for the shout-out. Great idea to keep it rolling.

    Connie Schultz

  2. I may have misspelled your name in my first post. I’m sorry for that, Chris Kuhn. I can’t see it yet, but don’t want to let another second go by in case I did.

    Again, thanks for linking to my work, and for keeping this five-faces idea going.


    • Chris Kuhn

      Connie, I’m honored that you took the time to leave me a comment. And you can call me or spell it however you want. 🙂 Big fan of your storytelling! Thanks for the encouraging words… ~Chris

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