Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (February 27, 2012)

We have company visiting us this week. I always love when that happens, because when they’re on vacation, well, then, it simply forces me to be on vacation, too. What a tough sacrifice on my part,¬†huh?

But with our guests toodling about, it led me to think about past vacations, future vacations and as always, these ponderings led me to – wait for it – a new Kuhnspiration for me and you!

So this week, if you’re still putting in the work hours, I want you to give yourself a little permission to at the very least think about vacations, as you join me in a new creative¬†challenge.

What was your most satisfying vacation experience and why? Also, where do you feel most compelled to go in a future travel excursion and what is it about the place that you believe is drawing you there?

Safe travels as you tour your memory and imagination…and if you are working this week, be sure to carve out a few moments for yourself in the process, too.

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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