Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (January 30, 2012)

This year, my creative mission is to not only tap into new cracks and crannies of my imagination but to help you spark your own creativity, as well. And that can mean any number of ways – whether it’s here through these creative writing exercises or merely suggesting some ideas for exploring your own ability to be creative through an avenue new to you.

So over the next few weeks and months, you’re going to get some helpful tips for how to go about doing this – tapping into your most creative self, even if you’re thoroughly convinced that this self doesn’t exist. For this week’s exercise, however, I am going to ask you to focus on one aspect of your communication skills specifically — vocabulary.

Words are funny, aren’t they? And beautiful, vile, tempting, controlling, irresistible, nasty — well, let’s face it: they can be whatever you want them to be. On their own, they are merely words, but with a little context, some intonation and nonverbal to support them, maybe a dash of salt, they can be downright powerful.

So this week, I want you to comb your own vocabulary to give away your prestigious Wordy Awards honoring the best words, in your opinion. You’ll be bestowing honors to your selections for best words in the following categories:

  • People Magazine Sexiest Word Alive
  • Best Homegrown Word (aka Generally Accepted But Not-Really-A-Word Award)
  • Up & Comer Award (Or Word I Will Use More in 2012)
  • Nobel Peace Prize for Most Soothing Word
  • Best Word in a Supporting Role
  • Silver Spoon Award – Most Scrumptious Word
  • MVP Award for Most Motivational Word
  • Lifetime Achievement Award…Greatest Word EVER

Have at it! May the verse be with you. And I’ll check in with you later this week to see how your Wordy honors are coming along and to share with you my big picks for this year’s red carpet vocabulary extravaganza.

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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