Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (July 16, 2012)

This weekend, I got a chance to help some young ladies work on vision boards, an interesting concept that I’ve tackled before to put a spotlight on what it is that I really want out of life.

Have you ever done one before? Vision Boards or Vision Maps are not quite as woo-woo as you might think, if you’re a little skeptical. There are some who think that by simply looking at it every day, you can will it to happen through the law of attraction, yadda yadda yadda. Eh. I’m not sure that I believe that.  But here’s what I DO believe…

I believe that we get so caught up in our madness that is our daily lives, that often we forget to stop for a moment to remind ourselves why the hell we’re doing all of this crazy running around. A vision board can be really helpful to get us to visually articulate what it is we want out of life – what we want to do, who we want to be with or add to our lives, what we want to do, what we want to accomplish, how we want to live.

I don’t see any faults with this motivation behind it, do you?

They’re also motivational as a constant reminder of what we want. Just a little peek in the morning at that board hanging quietly behind your closet door and you get a refresher each day about the real motivation behind the tasks at hand.

So, this week, I’m asking you to contemplate your vision board but I want you to also expand your mind to include words, too – not just images…

What words and pictures would make up your board for your vision for the future as of right now and WHY did you choose them?

I have one hanging on my wall from about 2 years ago, but you know what? Our goals, dreams and wants change – so I’d say it’s time to make another one, wouldn’t you? I know what I’m doing next weekend…

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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