Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (March 19, 2012)

So I spent my Friday late night doing what I’m sure everybody else was doing across the Bay area — getting nostalgic and watching a Tommie Howell flick from 1985, Secret Admirer. It also starred the always adorable Lori Laughlin (of “The Edge of Night” and “Full House” fame) and Mrs. Travolta herself, Kelly Preston in an early role that once again highlighted two of her most prominent assets (her enunciation and shiny white teeth) playing a character who like many of her other roles also happened to be a real ass.

The movie about writing secret love letters is nothing to write home about, though I have a soft spot for just about any good teen romance and gross-out film from that era. But at the heart of its plot – if you can call it that – is a young person writing a letter to that special someone even though they have absolutely no plans of unveiling exactly how they feel about the object of desire directly to his or her face.

Most importantly, this week’s chance film viewing inspired this week’s creative challenge…

Have you ever written a letter to someone as a secret admirer and if so, what did you feel you gained by the experience putting your admiration out there- even if you were doing it covertly?

Can’t wait to hear your own juicy tales of love-lorn days and your thoughts on the value or lack of value of laying it all out there with pen and paper – and for those who may not remember it or are too young to have been around, yes, we used to write with these archaic tools way back in the frontier days.

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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