Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (May 28, 2012)

Happy Memorial Day, and for those families who have lost loved ones serving in the military, I would imagine today is a whirlwind of emotional places – from sadness and loss to reflection and pride in the fallen soldier’s service and honor. I do not have anyone in my immediate family who has served in the military, though I have some deceased great uncles who did.

So I can’t say that I can relate to what these families may be experiencing today, but I certainly hope that everybody will pause for a few moments to recognize why it is we are having this long weekend, and no, it is not to test just how long we can stay in the sun without a hat or sunscreen applied (to a certain gutsy fella who shall remain nameless!)

It is always fascinating to me to see how holidays transform over time. Their original intent can often get lost in the advertisements and sales promotions, vacation planning and roadway traffic. I hope that today, whatever your plans are, that you’ll take time to really appreciate the time and the presence of the people who are with you in that moment. If that is all you do today, you will at least be honoring the memory of folks who don’t get the opportunity to visit with their own friends and family for a long weekend. Can we all agree to at least do that? (And let’s not forget that this request comes from the big pacifist who doesn’t even like war films, okay?)

Let’s all remember that while today we are recognizing the people who served and lost their lives, we’re also supporting those they left behind who are trying to move forward and make sense out of the world after losing someone they really care about. So on that note…

This week’s Kuhnspiration is a little different than usual. I hope to inspire you to do more than just think about or write something. I want you to set aside any feelings you may have about politics, previous wars, current wars, the military in general, and think only of survivors – military veterans and surviving family members. Many of us have not been involved in the wars that have plagued our country for the past decade-plus yet lives are lost regularly, service men and women arrive home injured daily across the country and families are impacted beyond anything they could anticipate.

I am one of those people who has not been affected directly and honestly, doesn’t really think about war every day yet these people still in danger or in war-ravaged communities, family left behind and soldiers returning home do think of it every day, I’m certain.

What are some ways that you might be able to support local veterans and their families right here at home this year?

I really do hope that if you’re like me and can admit that you’ve turned away from this topic as much as possible (perhaps purposely) that you’ll at least turn front center like me and realize that it’s not a reflection of your politics or your views. These folks are part of your community, and there’s only good that can come from it if you just put the creativity and muscle of you and your friends to good use.

I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions, too, because I am also seeking ways to help or get on my big bullhorn and alert the masses, because I know that collectively, small steps by us can offer support to many. Since this is our home turf, it seems like the perfect place to start.

I’ll be back in touch on this subject later in the weekend. In the meantime, enjoy your time with family and friends today and simply take a few moments to stop and remember, okay?


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