Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (November 13, 2012)

Originally, I had another topic in mind for this week. Then, life took an unexpected turn of events for some people I know and care about, and my focus shifted. Last week’s topic was pretty timely. I asked you to consider when you should analyze your life’s goals and possibly reconstruct them or reframe them in some way, according to your current circumstances and those pesky little life changes that rear their not-so-pretty head sometimes to completely shatter your vision of the future into smithereens. And for one family, and I’m sure many other families out there like them who may be facing similar scenarios of uncertainty right now, one incident has the power to change the lives of many — and do so permanently.

So while last week, I asked you about examining goals, wants and desires for yourself and for your future in the face of change, this time, I’m going to ask you to dig a little deeper. Into YOU and the stuff you’re made of to face that change.

This week, I ask:

Which of your characteristics do you feel could be holding you back from dealing with change and in particular, taking on challenges, meeting fears head-on or establishing a vision for what you really want out of life? And why is that? And which characteristics that you already possess do you think have the power to help you get a handle of change when it comes your way —- to conquer those challenges, obliterate fears and turn thoughts about what you desire into reality?

Too often we’re told to work on what we need to fix and be humble about our assets. Screw that! This week, while I want you to acknowledge where you might be holding yourself back in your response to the big bad C-word (change), I also want to encourage you to recognize where you may have strengths that you either sometimes forget about or that get overshadowed by the attention you’re paying to those pain-in-the-ass qualities instead.

So no glass half-empty or half-full this week. We’re going to analyze the whole glass.

Have a great rest of the week, and I’ll be back to check in with you later this weekend with my own thoughts on the subject. Thanks for reading.

Cheers for finding that daily spark in your life!


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