Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (November 6, 2012)

Welcome to another creative thinking exercise. If you did your jumping jacks and ran around the block, finishing up with muscle stretches afterward, good. That means you are limber, your heart is pumping, your blood is flowing and you are charged up and ready to go. But there’s still some other exercise to do this morning or this week, at least: MINE!

This week’s Kuhnspiration challenge comes by way of a friend who asked me a slightly different but really poignant and much more specific┬álife-as-we-know-it-or-do-we-really question early last week. This week, I ask you:

At what point in your life is it necessary to re-examine and potentially reset original goals and dreams for your ideal life – professionally and personally? What criteria would you use to assess and how would you establish new goals and dreams differently to ensure a greater success rate for achieving?

Think about your own situation and where you are in accomplishing what you set out to do as you entered adulthood. Did you get there? Are you halfway there or almost to the point of achieving all of your dreams? Or maybe your dreams have really changed so much that they don’t fit into your actual lifestyle anymore? It may be time to either change your dreams or your way of living.

I’ll check in later this week with my personal take on the topic. Look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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