Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (October 29, 2012)

This is a week for spooking others. BOO! Not that this is something I do well. (Much like telling a traditional joke with set-up and punchline, I simply suck at it.)

I am much more about the treats than the tricks. I don’t like pranks or practical jokes, and fun houses and haunted attractions scare the crap out of me! Still, I can appreciate the time and work involved in establishing an elaborate “trick.”

This week, I ask you to think back (no tricks here and no imagination required – just a little memory use):

What is your fondest Halloween memory and what stands out most about celebrating or not being able to celebrate the holiday as a kid?

And if you’d like to chime in with your own memories — or even better, PHOTOS — please do so┬áhere or on my Facebook page. Always love hearing from you. I’ll share my thoughts later in the week.

As always, thanks for reading…and stay away from people with pointy hats and flying brooms, maniacal black kitties and political advertisements. Scaaaaaary stuff!

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!

~ Chris

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