A Friday Thought to Chew On:  Keep Walking

A Friday Thought to Chew On: Keep Walking

Yeah, it’s Saturday. Either this week’s Friday Thought to Chew On was so big it couldn’t be contained to just one day or I’m behind in blogging. I’m secretly hoping for the former but in fact know it is the latter.

Whew. What a week. This has certainly been an interesting one.

Each day, something new popped up or zoomed around the corner, perhaps in an effort to run me over or just test me.  One day, disappointment. The next day, jubilation. Day after that, frustration. Next day, relief. Finally, acceptance. From bad news and untimely deaths to unexpected returns of very special friends, I was greeted with a variety of experiences and my emotions certainly have run the gamut, too. Probably one of the reasons I’m eagerly waiting for this weekend to start is because I have very little planned beyond writing, reading and most of all, sleeping. I lost a lot of it this week. Not that this is highly unusual, but I know a little more quality time spent with my pillow is in order.

It’s always fascinating to me how everyone reacts differently to the unexpected curve balls hurled our way. I am definitely more flexible these days than in the past. There once was a time where I planned everything. Even planning! Somewhere along the way — between an early divorce or a layoff, I changed my tune. Maybe it was just age and wisdom. Surely it has to be good for something.

You must build up a thick skin and bones that won’t rattle before you toss your words out into the universe to be judged by others. A writer has to be prepared for rejection, learn how to face it and move on, and this week I was greeted with it, not once but twice.  When we know though how much our words have impacted others because readers have taken time out of their lives to show us or tell us, it can bring us back to Earth and remind us why we put ourselves in such a vulnerable spot in the first place. And for many of us, it’s because we simply love telling stories.

And so I continue. Telling stories, that is.  Whether a small group of people finds merit in my words or a business sees value in my presence at their event…or not. I must remind myself on a daily basis, as all of us should, whether we’re creative, innovators or caretakers —whatever the role — that these are speedbumps but there is still plenty of road ahead so as long as I’m walking forward, at least it’s still in the right direction.


So to you I say, look out for any speedbumps but whatever you do, don’t let wariness thwart you from plodding along. We cannot let fear of what could happen if we take a step prevent us from taking any steps at all. Because we won’t exactly get very far, will we?

And if you need a little pick-me-up, maybe blast out a little Pink for inspiration. (See my Facebook Song of the Day for Saturday….hee). Make it a Saturday you won’t forget.  ~ chris

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