A Weekend Thought to Chew On: Draw Those Goals Toward You

A Weekend Thought to Chew On: Draw Those Goals Toward You

Would I call myself a New Ager or person that I affectionately and non-judgmentally call a little “woo-woo”? Nah. But I am a believer in the Law of Attraction. I won’t spend this blog sharing tons of links or going on and on about why and what it is. You have Google to do that. Just know that Albert Einstein believed in the Law of Attraction if you are a naysayer, and he was after all, a pretty smart dude. Far smarter than this kooky scribe here telling you about it.


I have a new book coming out soon. Well, technically… *whispers*… It’s already out, I just haven’t sounded the bells and whistles or dropped the news formally. But you will find my book OUR SEASONS already listed in paperback and Kindle formats at Amazon.com as of today. (Yea!!!)  And soon it will be at the indie bookstores I’ve partnered with, too, and I hope many more indie bookstores in other locations that I’ve yet to formally meet.


But I almost stopped writing this book in the middle of it. I thought ‘what am I writing this for?’ People who read my other book are telling me they want to read the sequel to that soon. But I knew that if I just stayed focused — you know, eye on the prize and all of those lovely visual clichés — that I would come out on the other side of it, so happy that I did it. And if I wrote it well enough, people reading it would be happy that I did, too. I also knew that this was the channel to that other book. I felt it all along. Like my own personal set of Tinker Toys that I needed to connect to each other, piece by piece, and at the end, I would find it all fit well together and made some sense. And I truly believed that once I did that, I would be ready to write that other book that I still have in me, the rest of THE MUSE SERIES story.


So I reminded myself every time I worked on my second book  that I was writing it for me to bring forth all of those other feelings I had as a result of writing the first book and of simply getting older and beginning to contemplate all of my experiences as well as the many fears, emotions and self-analysis that dog you after you put your personal work out into the spotlight for people to study and critique and speculate. And I knew I had so many other things I wanted to say that I could not say through the mouths of my lead characters in that book series, so I wrote this other one instead OUR SEASONS. Because I stayed focused on finishing it. I was attracted to the finished book being available is another way I might put it.


And here it is. I have an order of books coming my way for local events and an upcoming book signing out of town you’ll hear about soon. I have a book out there for others to read if they so choose and digest my words, thoughts and emotions and perhaps they’ll find some personal truth within them, too. Or there may be characters in the short stories they might relate to or introspective questions posed within the stanzas of the poetry that stick with them after they turn the page or they might go back and re-read. I hope that is the case. That’s WHY I wrote the book. The HOW was surprisingly easy because I now believed I had figured out the key to my success last time in completing the book. And the key was…?


I stayed attracted to the project.


I have other friends who agree with me on the power of attraction helping us reach our goals. It makes all things seem possible. I have a lot of things I still want to do but when I think about why I haven’t reached other goals, if I’m honest with myself and look deep within, I can pinpoint what I’m not doing to work toward that goal. That same focus and passion and attraction to the end result just isn’t there enough. When a goal is reached by me, you know I was truly attracted to that project. I wasn’t always that way. I used to start a lot of things and not finish them. But once I really set out to focus on targeting things I truly wanted and remaining attentive and attracted to getting them done, and then saw that work, I became a believer willing to test that theory again and again, and when I have, and I’ve been honest and practiced it faithfully, putting all of my energy and effort behind it, it has worked.


No, I don’t like THE SECRET, and I do have the video. I think it may muddy the message a bit with a little too much New Age rhetoric and eerie Enya-esque music. But I will ask you this —- have you really thought for an extended period of time about one thing that you want to do, more than anything else? And have you also asked yourself why isn’t it happening? I’ll bet you know the answer already. Most of us do. We’ll admit to ourselves that we like to spend our time doing other things more or maybe there’s something about our goal that frightens us — such as creating a work of art, a literary piece or something else deeply personal and sharing with others only to have the potential for them rejecting it or criticizing it. That stops a lot of people from pursuing their dreams.


I’ve considered things I want to do. And I’ve made some happen. If I want to build a certain type of brand or book or other creative outlet, I will pursue it — if I believe it. Or maybe my goals are smaller like wanting to finally visit a certain place or try some activity before a certain age milestone or meet up with someone I’ve wanted to meet for a long time. Whatever that goal, there are ways to get there. You may have to be creative about doing it and quite possibly have to sacrifice some things to do it, but if it means a great deal to you and you put your full intentions and attraction into pursuing it, you can transform “I Wanna'” into “I DID.”


Writers and wanna-be-writers know that November is National November Writing Month. Is that one of your dreams…writing a book? It’s November 1. No time like the present. If you want more information about what’s involved, check out this link. Maybe you just need a little lesson in what the Law of Attraction is about if you’ve heard of it but don’t really know how it works. This is an interesting piece about living  the law of attraction and some real-life stories from one of the biggest proponents of the universal law out there herself, Oprah Winfrey. And no, you don’t have to be a spiritual or religious person (I’m not…my church sermons hail from the trees and animals outside my home) and you don’t need to enlist a guru to learn more.  Check out the article and just read and think about it. And consider this: what would be the harm in trying it out for a day or even a week? On the plus side, if it works and you achieve something you wanted to achieve, well, yea for you. And if it doesn’t happen, consider that you’ve moved closer to your goal and probably experienced a lot more focus on the project this week. Not a bad outcome either. Right?


So don’t write me off as one of those woo-woo types. Trust me, I’m as big a skeptic as you’ll find, but I can tell you that the Law of Attraction has played a significant role in my life the past five or six years — and I’ve noticed it.  We cannot change the happenings of the people, places and events around us but we can have a say in the role they play and how it impacts our attitude and the goal path we’re traveling.


Figure out what you want, tune your internal channel to it and make it happen. You’re stronger and more powerful than you probably realize. Now you have to believe it, too. ~ Chris









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