Are You Watching…Black Mirror?

Are You Watching…Black Mirror?

Recently, a friend of mine asked me that question. It’s not the first time a friend inquired or suggested that I give THE BLACK MIRROR a try that in its own unique away recaptures what it was I always love so much about the annual TWILIGHT ZONE marathons on SyFy. Why not see the universe in a whole new way? Haven’t we seen the world through reality spectacles long enough? Enough of that. My heart and mind long for something a little less…expected.


And with BLACK MIRROR, that’s exactly what I’ve gotten. So far.



One of my friends insists there are numerous episodes in season 3 that are the series’ best, so I am encouraged by that since already binging on its first and second seasons, I am in awe.


So, no, I never saw this show before though many of my friends on Twitter and Facebook have been raving about it for a while. Late to the party? Wouldn’t be the first time for me. And yet, here I am…blogging about it though I am only an episode into season 2. Oh, and for those of you already skimming your NetFlix app, these are less-than-an-hour-long episodes with seasons comprised of 3 or 4 episodes typically, so we’re not talking a great investment of time. I am blogging about the show because already it has captured my imagination but more importantly, my heart.


Okay, the first episode of all of them is just, well, bizarre, and I’ll leave it at that. But I promise you, keep going. I felt like the second episode was dragging a bit after 15-20 minutes but I am so happy I gave it a fair shot at my affection because that is when I realized what this future-set mythology of self-contained episodes is all about. On the surface, it appears to be about the technology and infrastructure that might be embedded to “advance” civilization but in fact it is more about the humanity we so desperately try to hold on to as we become more and more scientifically forward-thinking.



If you haven’t given this series a try, you must. I cannot remember the last time I watched a show and was so fascinated at the prospect that what I was watching might actually happen one day or be available to humans only to continue watching and feel my heart ache at the paths where it leads these characters ultimately.


THE BLACK MIRROR may look to the future but it is more a reflection of where we are now and where our increasingly anti-social, isolationist lives could be heading. Absolutely fascinating stuff.


Thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.



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