Book ’em, Danno Revisited: The Rest of the Story

Book ’em, Danno Revisited: The Rest of the Story

For those of you who read my recent blog about a book challenge I took on Twitter, I thought I would offer an update on the rest of those 10 books I picked as favorites I enjoyed over the years.  The most difficult part o this challenge is you are only supposed to post the book cover with no explanation. I broke that rule a little bit with that last blog and sharing the significance of George Carlin’s “Brain Droppings” for me, but otherwise, I met the challenge. But that was just the first four. What about the rest of the list, you ask?


Here’s a recap of the first four books I chose and blogged about previously:

HitchhikersGuide     TheOutsiders

AClockworkOrange     BrainDroppings



…and now, the rest of the list you didn’t see unless you follow me on Twitter.


AreYouThereGodItsMeMargaret   1984


AllTheWords-MP     ScarletLetter


Lightning    CatcherInTheRye


Which 10 books would you select if you took the challenge? I’d love to see your picks. Just leave your choices as book cover photos in the comments  And as always, thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.



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