Book Review: Estelle by H.P. Oliver

Book Review: Estelle by H.P. Oliver

When I pick up a book, I love to be transported to another place, and sometimes, this can mean another time. It takes real talent and copious research to paint a landscape that recreates the sound, imagery, and spirit of a time most readers will have never visited during their lifetime. Add interesting characters and weave into it some intrigue, and I’m hooked. One of my favorite storytellers I have discovered in recent years is H.P. Oliver.


If you follow my blog, you have been introduced to him before. Mr. Oliver has participated in one of my past HPOliversummer blog takeover series, writing about the art of adding a little mystery to the historical novel. Since I recently began posting book reviews here including recent posts about Elizabeth Weigandt’s QUEEN BEE and Cameron Lincoln’s SIDEWAYS RAIN , I thought I would add another review from a recent read. This time for H.P. Oliver’s latest ‘mystery in history,’ ESTELLE, a classic vintage thriller that takes readers on a journey through 1920s Santa Barbara, California and a tale filled with secrets, romance and revenge.


As always, thanks for reading and supporting independent authors. ~ Chris K.


ESTELLE by H.P. Oliver



H.P. Oliver’s latest novel ESTELLE has been called a classic saga of virtue and evil. Set in 1928 Santa Barbara, California, the book introduces readers to wealthy Estelle Abernathy, a prominent figure in the community known for her philanthropy and business ventures, but is she also doling out ruthlessness and revenge as swirling rumors may suggest?  In ESTELLE, Oliver takes readers on a journey led by reporter  Lester Kinney, who has recently relocated to the area and begins investigating a story in which he quickly find himself unexpectedly interwoven. Enter a captivating librarian and her powerful publishing papa, and we head out with Kinney on a ride along the Southern California coast to get the full scoop but also as a matter of life and death.


Oliver manages to blend suspense with a love story and delivers vivid imagery of the setting and the mindset of the era in which these characters go about their lives. Historical fiction fans who enjoy this time period will appreciate each picturesque detail, and mystery lovers will embark happily on the twists and turns of the road trip.






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