Book Review: Sideways Rain by Cameron Lincoln

Book Review: Sideways Rain by Cameron Lincoln

Reading is one of my favorite things when I set aside some time to do it – not always an easy task. But I am making a renewed effort to give that time of rejuvenation and imagination back to myself as an end-of-year gift. In turn, I am giving back to other readers and fellow writers by sharing here on my blog any books I read that I consider 4-star and 5-star caliber and worth the time and money. As an independent author myself, I know how difficult it can be to get the word out about our books whether we are self-published or operating through a smaller, local publishing house that doesn’t have quite the same marketing and promotion resources as say, a Penguin or Random House.


So I will be posting here from time to time reviews of some of the books I’ve gotten lost in across various genres, writing styles, book length and subject matter – both CameronLincolnfiction and non-fiction. Recently, I reviewed Elizabeth Weigandt’s QUEEN BEE, a honeybee adventure for readers ages 8-12. Today’s book I feature is definitely for an adult audience: SIDEWAYS RAIN by Cameron Lincoln, a collection of poems covering a gamut of emotions from love, joy and passion to fear and self-doubt. Cameron Lincoln has been featured here before as a guest blogger. A few years ago, he wrote a compelling blog about that age-old question, which is better the movie or the book?. Before that, he tackled the subject of a writer’s comfort zone in a guest blog. His work as an author of short stories and novels has traversed everything from steampunk and horror to erotica and romance, and his poetry does not feel constrained which I appreciate very much as a reader. Thematic prose is fine but I do enjoy a gathering of poetry that spans the spectrum of human emotion and conveys multiple tones not limited by any particular topic.


As always, thanks for reading and supporting independent authors. ~ Chris K.




SIDEWAYS RAIN by Cameron Lincoln



Having enjoyed Cameron Lincoln’s work before, I knew that I was in for a treat with this latest collection of poetry. Lincoln is particularly clever with his use of metaphor and meter within his work, making his most introspective observations as well as his delightful descriptions of escapades of love and sex a lyrical journey. You don’t have to be a writer to appreciate Lincoln’s words. Only human.


One of my personal favorites in the book is a joint effort with fellow writer Fiona Summerville, the poem “Indelible” as the two harmonize with a literary duet tracing the power of words for two lovers writing from afar to begin their poetic love affair which becomes something much more (“pouring obscene promises in smudged trails / an illicit manifesto meant for their eyes alone / feverish scribbles keeping time…”).


I would say for someone unfamiliar with his poetry, I might recommend first some of Lincoln’s earlier works MINE: BODY & SOUL and SWEETEST NOTHINGS, the latter which has the added bonus of his storytelling through inventive short stories, too. (And for which I just realized I never did leave a high mark out on GoodReads and Amazon yet! Doh…next item on the list!) But SIDEWAYS RAIN is a treat in itself and worth the read! I look forward to strolling through whatever new storytelling forest Lincoln explores next.



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