CHRIS’S CORNER: Celebrating Community Spirit

CHRIS’S CORNER: Celebrating Community Spirit

Happy Friday! Usually, I have a guest blogger on Fridays but CHRIS’S CORNER is taking a small break for right now as I gather some new fresh voices to share with you over the rest of the summer. I have been so pleased with the response to the weekly feature. Some of my guest bloggers have told me followers of mine have since connected with them and followed their Twitter accounts and blogs, as well. And nothing pleases me more than connecting people with each other – especially when there are mutual interests or benefits for each being in each other’s orbits.


So I love, love, love to hear that!


But just because there’s no guest blog this week, doesn’t mean we should lose that community spirit. In fact, I wanted to take this time to mention a few people who happen to be writers and bloggers and who in different ways came to my aid recently in their own unique ways.


If you read my last blog, you know it’s been a tough couple of weeks as I mourn the loss of my beloved dog, Dexter. I am not always the best at leaning on people even though they may offer. It’s difficult for me to ask for help. Character flaw, I suppose. Maybe a little fear of needing to depend on others tossed in there, too…who knows! I’m sure that I am a therapist’s dream with so much baggage to sort through and study.


But that’s a whole other topic…


I wanted to say thanks to these others writers and bloggers who were helpful to me during this difficult time. For some, it was being kind and reaching out to leave me a personal message of condolence; for others, it was simply doing their best to keep my spirits up with a giggle or a kind shoulder to lean on. There were others who joined me when I needed to jam to a rock block, and they kept me company and joined in the conversation. There were even some with very specific ways of helping— one joined my mission to seek out hard-to-find Ray Charles cuts when my soul demanded some music therapy from the R&B legend; another offered some poetry and some song suggestions to ease my troubled heart. All of you touched me with your generosity and own brand of TLC and it meant a great deal to me.


So, consider this my own version of #FollowFriday…the writers/bloggers’ edition. And if you get a chance to visit them on Twitter, I highly suggest you do!


Writers are listed alphabetically below.


Jamie Adams (@Jamie_Adams22)

P.J. Bayliss (@YrMonAmi)

Clark Brooks (@clarkbrooks)

Amanda Carrington, Voice of Erotica (@VoiceOfErotica)

E.M. Wynter (@WynterEm)

Andrew French (@AFrenchAuthor)

Lisa Fulham, Random Lisa (@lisa298)

Karen M. Hanks (@KarenMHanks)

Clara Holden (@CHolden_Erotica)

Sydney Jamesson (@SydneyJamesson)

Rachel Kincaid (@RachelKinkaid4)

Matthew Krause (@StorytellerMatt)

Cameron Lincoln (@cameron_lincoln)

Paige Thomas (@PThomasAuthor)


And special thanks also to these other writers and bloggers for simply being their wonderfully insightful, cheerful and supportive selves: The Soul Healer (@DakotaRework), Caroline (@CarolineD_13), Debra (@DebraDML).


Have a nice weekend, everybody, and I’ll do my best to bring those wise other voices back to CHRIS’S CORNER as soon as possible. Until then…


Happy reading,


  1. I am honored to be called your friend. Thank you for being you. xxx

    • chriskuhn

      Back at ya, my similarly sassy Aries sistah. 😉 xx ~ Chris

  2. What a great idea “Celebrating Community Spiirt” ❤ and honoured for such kind words, so glad to have connected with such a beautiful soul xox

    • chriskuhn

      Aww, that’s so nice of you to say. Thank you for that. I am enjoying the opportunity to connect with others and especially to share these great peeps with other awesome peeps. There is only magic that can be made from that. 🙂 xo ~ ck

  3. Aww, thanks for the mention hon 🙂 “Taking a pause” seems to be in vogue this season…

    • chriskuhn

      You’re welcome, P.J. And thank you for always making me feel so welcome in the neighborhood. 🙂 Much appreciated! xo ~ chris

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