Finding the Words

Finding the Words

January is nearly halfway done and I have yet to blog. I cannot give you a good reason. I can give you plenty of excuses. Let’s see, there was the first time I got an upper respiratory infection in time for New Year’s Eve. And then the second time I relapsed just last week. The cooler weather, even here in the Sunshine State, has made me feel a little sleepy…and definitely lazy. I’ve had my freelance work keeping me busy, and my part-time office job, and then there’s that next book I’m supposed to be writing and inching along ever so slowly.


All of them are good excuses. None of them, very good.


I’ve ventured into some “new” territory just in time for the NEW year… I have attempted to take part on a daily basis (mostly) in a photo-a-day challenge called MissionPic366.  I’ve wrangled the hubs into participating in some fun personal goals — a savings-per-day bank experiment and a Grill-At-Least-Once-A-Month challenge to ourselves to get our butts out on the lanai more often. I know, I know. Quite heady exploits we have embarked upon. Heh.


But that still doesn’t answer the question: why? Why have I not been out here to visit or share a ‘thought’ to chew on for the two Fridays that have already passed?


Have you ever woken up and had nothing to say? Or maybe too much?


One morning, I woke up and was going to talk about the greed that drives all of us (me included) to buy a Powerball ticket because it is worth $1.5 billion and not only a few measly millions of dollars. (A ho hum bounty apparently…)


Another morning, I was going to share how much I admired a rock legend for not being afraid to follow the heart of his art wherever it took him, even when his decisions might not always have been popular with fans or critics. I truly appreciate that as a writer who does not want to be limited by any genre, format or writing style, and has consciously chosen to let inspiration guide whatever comes next from my imagination.


And today, after being rocked by the news of yet another loss in the entertainment world to overwhelm many of us with sadness, I considered blogging on the subject of seeing our own life path disappear in the form of our beloved artists and performers, people who while constructing their craft beautifully also leave such an indelible mark on our emotions and likewise, artfully craft such beautiful memories for us, and in some cases, influence over creative choices we might make along the way.


So I didn’t blog. But now I have — about not blogging and what happens to us when we feel flooded by so many things we want to say, so many things we don’t have the energy to say and by the speed of time as it flies by. And some folks have messaged me privately, wondering if they had missed something I posted. Nope, you didn’t. This writer has just been spinning into the new year, with words forming but never fully falling out of her mouth.


I suppose a swift kick in the pants to visit here more often is in order. I’ve felt the pointy tip of the boot.  There are things to be said, questions to be raised and observations to be laid before you.


Message received.  *clears throat* You will hear more from me.  Promise.  ~ Chris


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