Flash Blog: A New Passage

Flash Blog: A New Passage

When it happens, we don’t always feel it. It can be unrecognizable. Like you, I’ve traveled through a lot of new doors in my past. New jobs, new relationships or changes in my path, personal or professional. Transitions….Passages…Milestones, whatever you want to call them. They aren’t necessarily good or bad, they just — are. We find ourselves shifting. It can be influenced by where we are in our life, by the status of our mind, our body or our soul (enter your own definition for that one based on your beliefs).


I feel myself going through a new door, entering a new passage of my life. Again, it isn’t marked by big balloons and arrows pointing to it. I can’t say that I’m happy or excited, sad or frightened — I just feel its presence. A change. And instead of fighting it, I’m doing my best to welcome it. There have been some changes in my world over this past year, some as recently as the past few weeks. I may blog in greater detail about that one soon. Nothing of it is earth-shattering to all of you, it certainly isn’t a grand revelation in the scope of such pressing issues that weigh on each of us daily. It is simply one person on the planet’s little terrarium of life and the landscape has changed a bit for her. No biggie to you. But it means something to me.


What does a new passage mean? It can mean a new perspective, new goals or outlook. Sometimes it involves new people or settings, new challenges or discoveries about ourselves. It varies from passage to passage and from person to person. But what is always consistent is that with change come new lessons awaiting to be revealed — if we can muster the energy and bravery to dive in headfirst and experience them.


I just wrote a book about accepting all of the seasons of our life, all of the experiences before us good and bad. I’d be quite the hypocrite if I didn’t take my own advice, wouldn’t I?  There’s still half a year to go. I don’t know what it will bring but I’m not going to back down to it but instead put aside any of the sadness, disappointment or anger this first half has brought and I’m going to gather every damn molecule in me to face it with some laughter, determination and fighting spirit. Nothing else and nobody — and I mean NOBODY — is going to harsh this chickadee’s mellow for the rest of THIS year.


So put that in your pipe and smoke it, 2016.  — Chris  xo

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