Flash Blog: Radioactive Chris

Flash Blog: Radioactive Chris

This won’t be a long blog entry today. You may see more of these little snip-it blogs so I can keep you up-to-date on progress with my latest projects. We’ll call them “Flash Blogs,” because they’re spontaneous and brief. A little synopsis of recent events…in a flash! Heh.

But I wanted to share with you that the field trip I’ve been talking about lately to take photos at a nearby park for one of my new anthology’s stories was a huge success! Not only did I get some great shots of the bridge I’m featuring in the story, but I also determined I have a few plot details to iron out after visiting the park in person and getting a better sense of the space. I’ll be tackling those edits Tuesday morning. I even nabbed a few other pictures that may come in handy for other parts of the book.




I’ve had a few friends comment that they can feel how excited I am about writing again. It’s true. I feel it myself. Some mornings that I know I’ve planned to work on the book, I wake up feeling energy radiating from me. Yeah, I’m radioactive. Hee. I’m sure every writer goes through varying degrees of enthusiasm about their craft, so I know that I’m no different than others. I’m trying not to get overwhelmed by all that I still have to do and focus instead on the joy of the journey. And so far, I’m having a blast.

I’m thrilled that you’re along for the ride.  ~ ck


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