Fresh Starts

Fresh Starts

Hi. Remember me? I used to blog. I used to write, too. Heh.

You are witness to one of my promises to myself this year. To blog more. It’s my promise to you.

My other promise is to write more, too. A sequel is in progress, so take cover. Words may be flying everywhere.

My blogs here won’t always be long entries or carry some great weight or wisdom but I would like to share a little something on a much more frequent basis than I’ve been doing.  So welcome back. I hope that you continue to stop by for a visit.

Aah. January 1. No, I haven’t made a list of resolutions. I don’t do resolutions. It’s too… final. We are all works in progress and we make mistakes. Not sure how you feel on the subject but resolutions simply set me up to fail. So instead… I like to set goals each year or aspirations.

For the past 2 years, I’ve had one ongoing goal to become braver, personally and professionally. And overall, I’ve had some success. Speaking engagements, publishing a book, reading my own fiction in front of others… I still have some items on the list yet to tackle. And I see 2015 as the year I’ll finally do it. So the “Be Braver” campaign continues in my lifelong pursuit to snag a spine.

This year… I’m going to finally cross off a few leftovers from the past two years’ lists — karaoke, open mic poetry reading — as well as other new opportunities to get in front of folks and tell stories in some form or another.

What will you aspire to in the new year? Here are some words for you that I hope might give you that little well-intentioned, friendly shove of the tookus you need.  After all, the mantra of my book THE MUSE UNLOCKED is “Here, Here, No Fear!”

So let’s get moving.   ~ ck

The beauty of a fresh start is giving birth to new facets of you.
Don’t just strive for a happy year; aim for a meaningful one.
~ C. Kuhn, 2014


  1. Angel

    A happy,succesful and meaningful 2015 I hope all your dreams come true

  2. Deb Lane

    Look forward to reading Hun love your thoughts and words! xox

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