Fun with Months: May Days

Fun with Months: May Days

Whenever a new month arrives, many of us will start scouring the calendar for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions that we can expect to be celebrating soon. But the odd days, those quirky dates that get recognized are fun to learn about, too. I thought I had my grasp on the month of May 4 and its May the Fourth Be With You geekiness for STAR WARS fans among us and of course, Cinco de Mayo (May 5), but No Socks Day (May 8, btw)??? I have one friend who will appreciate that one especially! And Mimosa Day (May 16)?!  Sign me up!


Here’s a breakdown of THIRTY different offbeat holidays lined up for May, courtesy of contributor Hannah Keyser at  I’m crushed that I missed Lei Day (May 1). It would have been such a treat to tell certain folks to get lei’d.


 Check out this great MentalFloss article on the subject!






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