Get Inspired: Fun Words!

Every once in a while I’m going to refer you to a blog or a website for a little inspiration. Maybe it’ll poke you to try something different, get creative, see things in a new light or figure out a way to communicate something you’ve been wanting to say – about yourself, about your business, about whatever’s weighing on your mind.

Sometimes these sites will be active; other times, sadly, they’ve been abandoned but still hold such wonderful value that I’ve just got to spread the word. Perhaps it’ll even inspire you to pick up where the other site’s originator left off…who knows!

This first one is such a forgotten-about site, and it’s such a shame. What a beautifully original idea.

Welcome to the Place for Funny Words!

This creative soul shares his or her own semantic creations and kudos to the nutty writer for finding a way to depict common concepts both through visuals and vocabulary what each of us can understand but may have never been able to quite articulate before through a single term.

Enjoy…and here’s a little homework assignment for you: think of your own example of a homegrown word that could find its spot in the Place for Funny Words. And be sure to share your own creations with me here.

I can’t wait to read them!

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