Getting Creative in 2018

Getting Creative in 2018

Over the past ten years, I’ve embarked on some fun creative challenges (or a few) each year. I’ve taken art classes, written a short story one-paragraph-a-day, posted a Song-of-the-day for all 365 days and more. One of my favorite projects was a Photo-a-Day challenge I completed years ago. I still have it posted on my Flickr account and stop by often for flashback fun. (If you’d like to check it out, click here for a walk down 2010 Flickr lane.)


A lot has changed since then and now my camera phone is always on me as opposed to the days when I had to schlep around a camera, so I thought – maybe it’s time to revisit this one. My 2018 Daily Photo Challenge will be a bit different than my past one because each photo will also be titled after a song. Will a song inspire a photo or the photo inspire which song title I choose? Hard to say, a bit of a chicken or the egg question. I’ll let the events, people, places and art that surrounds that day inspire me to decide what that photo will be to represent the day. I’ll be posting them on Instagram daily, so click here to check out that page! And I hope you’ll follow me there, too.


#dailypics #2018photochallenge


Why do I do projects like these every year? It keeps the creative juices flowing. It sharpens the skills of the observer in me. Most importantly, it forces me to be right there — in that moment. I don’t know about you, but I struggle with staying in the moment as I juggle recording life’s events and actually living them. I have some friends who have boycotted doing social media altogether to be in the moment fully. I respect their decision but I must admit that I do enjoy having an archive to reflect on later, so I do my best to operate somewhere in the middle.



#dailypics #2018photochallenge

I am looking forward to this year’s creative adventure and I hope maybe my little daily project inspires you to find some way you can bring art, photography, music, literature, film, television or some other artistic pursuit into the forefront of your activities every day.  What is something you could do in 2018 to interact with your world while tapping into your own imagination on a daily basis? If you do launch your own creative challenge for the new year, please share what you’re doing here, okay? It would warm my heart to know that maybe some encouraging words here might have been that gentle but firm push you needed to embark on something fun and new.


I look forward to hearing from any brave, adventuresome folks out there ready to get creative for 2018! Thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.



  1. I remember the first round of this challenge and I look forward to seeing all that you capture! And what a cutie pie you have featured for New Attitude 😉

    • chriskuhn

      Why, thank you. I think Jax is quite the dapper dude, too. And I’m glad you’re on board again for this year’s wild photo ride! 😀 ~ CK

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