Great American Read ~ Reviews: CHARLOTTE’S WEB

Great American Read ~ Reviews: CHARLOTTE’S WEB

Check out my latest book review on GoodReads, part of the Great American Read Summer Challenge 2018 I embarked on last month. My mission: to knock off as many of the 78 books I have never started and/or finished on the Great American Read booklist shared by PBS affiliates across the country recently.


This time around, I picked a children’s literature classic that I’d seen on the little screen in movie form but to my recollection, never explored on the page – E.B. White’s barnyard adventures found inside CHARLOTTE’S WEB. It was a sweet little treat. You might even say it was…terrific.



Click here to read my latest GoodReads book review for E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web.

I’ll be heading back into a little book I just picked up on Kindle form that you may have heard of before from a Ms. Mary Shelley — FRANKENSTEIN I’ve seen it portrayed on film in oh so many ways but I cannot wait to read it as the author intended. I suspect it will be a very different reading experience than my other two literary classics so far.


As always, thanks for reading.  ~ Chris K.

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