Guest Blogger News: Books in the Works and Revamped Sites

Guest Blogger News: Books in the Works and Revamped Sites

Recently, I shared some news of one of my past guest bloggers, Elizabeth Weigandt about her new YouTube series. I  am always thankful when writers take time out of their busy schedules and creative process to contribute their own insight for guest blogs on my site. These writers have tackled various topics from writing fundamentals to pop cultural observations. So I thought I would share some other guest blogger updates for those of you who have met up with these writers here and might be curious to know about their most recent pursuits.


CameronLincolnCameron Lincoln recently shared on Twitter and Facebook that he has done some sprucing over at his website. You can visit Cameron online at The writer last released SIDEWAYS RAIN in summer 2017, a collection of poetry that I reviewed here on my blog later in the year. Cameron’s working on a variety of writing projects and we look forward to reading his next title.

Check out these past guest blogs by Cameron Lincoln here n my website:  The Great Debate – Book vs. Film (Aug. 2015) and In the Zone (May 2013).




HPOliverOne of my most prolific writer friends is H.P. Oliver. Since he last blogged for me, he has been busy delivering new ‘mysteries in history’ to fans of historical fiction including SO LONG, L.A.S.N.A.F.U. and ESTELLE, his saga of good and evil that I reviewed here on my blog last December. When I checked in with the fedora’d one himself earlier this month, I learned that he is currently wrapping up what will be his newest Johnny Spicer Caper mystery. No release dates to share yet, but if you haven’t sampled the storyteller’s signature brand of suspenseful fiction, I encourage you to visit his website to learn more at (I’m partial to WINGING IT and THE TRUTH BE TOLD, but we all have our favorites…)


Read H.P. Oliver’s past guest blog here on my website: Adding a Little History to Your Mystery (July 2015).


Stay tuned for other upcoming blogs spotlighting book and event news for some of my other talented writer friends who have guest blogged here in the past. I love sharing what they are up to lately and encourage you to visit their websites and check out their works. As always, thanks for reading! ~ Chris K.

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