Hail, Hail, Rock & Roll, and Record Store Day!

Hail, Hail, Rock & Roll, and Record Store Day!

Have you been over to my Instagram or caught a peek of my #dailypics entry for Saturday, April 13? It is #RecordStoreDay, and I’m honoring it and pulled out a few of my favorite old Duran Duran vinyl records to celebrate. Though actual record stores may be harder to come by in 2019, there is still an affection for vinyl that continues to thrive and wins new followers regularly. With the creation of USB Turntables, those who are trying to store their record collections electronically can still do so by listening to their favorite LPs and converting them into MP3s but getting them from the original source at least.




I remember how excited I was when a new album would come out from one of my favorite bands or singers in the 1970s and 1980s. Back then, I didn’t order it on a website and download it right then or wait two days for it to arrive at my door. Much of that excitement was taking that trip down to the record store. In fact, I wrote about that excitement picking out my first “adult” album or so it felt that way to me at the ripe old age of eight. Click here to flash back with me to that trip to the record store.




I’ve gabbed before about all that I’ll do to locate an old record. Even navigate the crocodile waters of —gasp — online auction sites. I’ve done that on not one but two occasions!


MeAndMotown64  MeAndPortraitOfRay


Music is more than a medium or an art. It is an experience, made richer by the whole process from every step along the way…from discovering something you enjoy and feeling the desire to add that to your collection to physically going to the store and picking out the album, studying the cover for any blemishes and walking up to the cashier to pay with actual dollar bills, not a debit or credit card, and that long trip home anticipating what you will learn about this artist once you fire up the turntable and drop the needle on that first track. Aaaah.


Cheers to you Record Store Owners for fighting the good fight to keep vinyl alive and the crisp pure sounds your goods deliver to music lovers, every day.




As always, thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.








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