Happy New Year…Now Write!

Happy New Year…Now Write!

Well, the day isn’t over yet. My intention in 2018 is to write something every day – whether it’s here as a blog, as micropoetry on Twitter, something I may be developing for a book or short story or an entry in my new, beautiful journal a good friend recently sent me as a Christmas gift. (Can’t wait to use it…thank you again, J!)


I have already laid down the only rules for this writing challenge to myself: (1) write at any length and never worry about it being too short or too long, just WRITE; (2) write SOMETHING absolutely EVERY DAY; (3) write 100 — that is, write honestly and don’t be afraid to go to places to write what must be written; (4) write about anything, for there is no such thing as a subject not relevant enough or undeserving of a story; and (5) let it flow for you can always go back later and remove, revise or relocate, but while the thoughts are there, let them race across the page or screen before you.


Writing is nothing new for me. Writing regularly and disciplining myself to maintain a steady schedule of writing for me rather than primarily for 20171223_080532freelance clients… that IS something new for me. I have other little ‘new’ projects I want to tackle, creative ideas to explore further and fun assignments I plan to embark upon this week (and you’ll hear about a lot of them here, I’m sure). But for now, my greatest focus is to make writing one of my top priorities again. And I will.


What is something you plan to move back up to the top of the priority ladder again or something new that you are making a key area of focus in your life starting this year? Don’t get bogged down with words — resolutions, goals, milestones. They are all wonderful words. Some of them, I even use. But they are only words. The motivation, inspiration and fire in your belly — these are what matter most. Dig down deep and bring to the surface your needs and wants for yourself in the new year — what should be your challenge (or challenges, if you’re really determined) that you tackle in 2018? And don’t worry if it’s January 2 or 3 when you’re reading this. It still counts if you get started a week or two or 10 into the new year. Just get started.


Good luck and let me know what you decide to make your top priority. I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.

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