Hello, 2014. How the Hell Are Ya?

Hello, 2014. How the Hell Are Ya?

Well, I never imagined 2013 would be the year that it was. Wow.

When the year started, I was writing a book. I had my little furry best friend by my side as I worked on it. And Twitter was this place that I played but didn’t really invest all that much time.

As the next year begins, I have one book under my belt and a second one underway, albeit I’m very behind in my writing schedule (EEK!). My little buddy left me suddenly before the book even published and I still cry daily over his passing. And Twitter has given me introductions to some of the greatest people I’ve ever met who I’m proud to call my friends.

Damn. How did that happen?

Oh sure the year has had its drama, sometimes on the very social media platform I’ve grown to have so much affection for. I’ve watched friends I adored and forged really strong bonds with suddenly disappear, sometimes with no explanation at all and other times, with at least some kind of formal goodbye to friends. And I’ve had freelance writing projects I’ve taken on and wondered why oh why did this fall into my lap and others that I couldn’t get enough of and would have done for free (don’t tell them I said that though, okay?)

But of course the biggest change of all was formally becoming a published author. I had always dreamed of it happening but never imagined that it finally would and certainly not with a book whose underlying foundation is romantic in nature. Internally, I’ve changed tremendously this past year and that is primarily because of the book. Writing it has really opened me up – emotionally, intellectually…sexually. Yep. I can’t fake that. I’m a different woman now than I was a year ago and so much happier because any experience that gets to the core of you, taps into your deepest passions, wants, desires, dreams and fantasies, well, how can that ever be a bad thing?

The most exciting thing has been hearing from some readers that my book has done that for them and I can’t even begin to express how incredible that is to know that my little words, my ability to string together some vocabulary can touch a heart like that, can move someone to think, weep, laugh or feel aroused. Writing fiction is a whole new experience for me but I’m thrilled that I took the plunge and ventured down that highway. It’s been a wild ride but I’d embark on it again and again and again!

And now the highway takes us to 2014. Hmm. Last time this year, I couldn’t have imagined what the first of the next year would feel like and once again, I have no idea. But I’m doing my best already just two days into it to keep an open mind, open heart and open arms, and I encourage you to do the same, whatever exploits you may undertake this year.

Last year, I entered the new year with one goal – no resolutions, just one goal. I wanted to be braver. And I jotted down four things to help me do that… I wanted to publish my book, do more public speaking in front of groups, try doing a reading of some of my work in front of people and sing karaoke just once in front of an audience. Well, I didn’t get to the last two so I’ve moved them forward to this year’s list but I did do the first two and I plan to publish a second book this year, a follow-up novel to THE MUSE UNLOCKED, as well as continue seeking opportunities to talk in front of more groups. So look for me to read some of my poetry or an excerpt of my book or sing along to some Heart or Pat Benatar somewhere in a coffeehouse, bar or gallery near you…soon. Heh.

Yeah, I’m not the most exciting goal-setter. I have the same goal as last year – I want to become even braver. And I’m not all that sure what else it means or what that will entail but I’m going to keep working on telling myself that I can do something, even when I think I can’t… that I’m not weak or fearful but instead strong and confident as I set out into new territory or face new experiences. Because I am. I know this now. You see, we can sometimes be our worst enemy until we realize that we can also be our greatest ally. If we just believe.

So, 2014, lay it on me. Give me your best and your worst. I’m ready for you. And this time, I mean it.

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